The DVC Resale Polynesian Timeshare For Every Tourist

Many tourists dream of a perfect Disney vacation. There are many options they can take to accomplish this goal such as buying a DVC resale.

Vacations should be enjoyed, but some tourists are afraid that the costs associated with these are quite high. Good thing is that DVC resales are now available allowing tourists and vacationers to maximize their vacations while paying and spending less. Regardless of the location or the Polynesian timeshare resale you are targeting, you can certainly find the best DVC resale that suits your vacation needs, budget, and lifestyles.


If you take the time to refer on up to date DVC listings, you will see many convenient resale options for you. You can opt for Key West Polynesian resorts and villas depending on your needs and preferences. The process of finding the best DVC Resale Polynesian Timeshare can be tricky and complex. But if you know what you are looking for, you will always end up with a great choice. What is more, the benefits that are waiting next in line are immense. You will get the chance to experience and enjoy all these if you purchase the perfect DVC resale.

Is Buying A DVC Worth It?

If you are planning to spend a Disney vacation regularly, buying a DVC is worth it. Buying a DVC proves to be a lot cheaper than spending for a lifetime of vacation. If you want potential savings, buying DVC Resale Polynesian Timeshare can be a highly considerable option to take. Many tourists also consider investing in a timeshare to make the most of their vacation without draining their pockets.

How Much Does A DVC Cost?

Different costs are incurred by different DVC members. Oftentimes, the initial price offered by DVC for those who want to buy ownership is around $140 – $165 per point. However, this still depends on the resort, and a minimum of 100 points is required. DVC provides incentives to direct buyers often in the form of discounts.


Should I Buy Direct From Disney Or Resale?

DVC is widely known as ideal timeshare ownership. Whether you buy from resale markets or directly from Disney, you will get good value for your money. But you have to note that buying a resale means you are purchasing from another family. All properties can be put into resale even the new ones. The majority of buyers opt for a resale since there is a potential 40 to 50% savings than direct prices. You’re also allowed to buy as low as 25 points instead of the minimum 100 points required by Disney.

Are There Restrictions When Purchasing A DVC Resale?

DVC implements restrictions on DVC resale purchases. Contracts purchased for the original Walt Disney resorts are allowed to use the points only at the original Disney resorts. If you buy a resale at any of the 14 original DVC resorts, you will be allowed to book reservations at any of these DVC locations. If you decide to purchase a resale contract, note that this is not eligible for membership extras. Some of these extras might include discounts on shopping, dining, events, and other special offers to members.

Is DVC Resale Polynesian Timeshare A Good Investment?

If you are going to spend a vacation in Disney every year or every other year, buying a DVC resale is worth it. It is therefore fair to say that DVC Resale Polynesian timeshare is a good investment. You can save money, stay at premium Polynesian villas, more variety, flexibility, and amazing vacation opportunities. There are also perks you can enjoy that come with your timeshare. But these perks are consistently changing. Some perks are added while others are removed.


How Many Points Are Needed For Polynesian?

The points you need depends on some important factors. These factors include season, travel period, type of accommodation you prefer, and the destination. To determine the number of points needed for Polynesian, you can check on the DVC resorts point chart. It pays to learn about the needed points before you buy a DVC Polynesian resale.

How Much Are Polynesian Villas?

Polynesian villas are amazing places to stay and relax, however, just like the Disney magic, staying here comes with a particular price. You need to pay for the cost to enjoy what these villas have to offer. Disney Polynesian villas’ costs over $2,000 per night.


How Many Points Do I Need To Buy?

When buying from DVC store, there’s no minimum requirement. You can purchase as low as 25 DVC points to be a DVC member. This is the smallest contract offered by Disney at present. Some buyers might as well want to benefit from the membership extras exclusively offered by Disney. To qualify for these extras, you will need to directly purchase a minimum of a 100-DVC point from Disney.

Is The Polynesian Resort Really Worth The Money?

Polynesian resorts are excellent resorts included in Disney’s list of properties. These resorts can provide everything that you need during your stay. The theme of these resorts one of the many factors that make them more special. Polynesian resorts are indeed not-to-be-missed places to stay.

Can I Sell My DVC?

Having DVC is a great deal. This is a valuable investment if you plan of staying at this property. If you buy DVC and you get great value from your DVC contract, then it’s worth keeping. But when the time comes that you no longer use it, sell DVC. Selling it is the best thing to do. Selling DVC is not just possible. In most instances, this move tends to be beneficial. This yields stronger DVC resale value.



There is a right DVC resale Polynesian timeshare for every need, for every family, and every tourist. It just takes shopping around, weighing options, and taking time to learn more about how the DVC resale process works in general. By gaining more insights and equipping yourself with more knowledge, you will end up with the perfect DVC resale Polynesian timeshare that perfectly meets your vacation needs, personal preferences, and lifestyle.

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