Important DVC Resale Facts You Should Know About

Buying a DVC resale is a good idea but, there are important resale facts you should know first before making a final buying decision.

The process of buying a Disney Vacation Club resale can be complex and challenging especially if you are clueless about how and where to start. It is crucial to know about the important DVC resale facts and relevant details about the resale market. By doing so, you will gain clearer and better insights that can help you make the most informed buying decision.



Disney Vacation Club is widely known to deliver the best and most luxurious vacation experience. DVC delivers amazing privileges, opportunities, and experiences to DVC members. As expected, there are a growing number of individuals getting interested in DVC resales. If you are one of them, always keep in mind that it pays to know. Your knowledge about important resale facts can save you from ending in a wrong purchase.

Is It Worth Buying A DVC Resale?

DVC resale is worth buying for. If you purchase a membership from the DVC resale market, you can save money while getting the ideal ownership that you want. Aside from spending less, you can also buy more DVC points. You can use these points to save money but still be able to have the best vacation experience. You can also have the confidence to purchase a DVC resale since the Disney Vacation Club resale market is proven to be one of the strongest in the timeshare industry.


How Does DVC Resale Work?

A Disney Vacation Club resale happens when you buy a contract from a DVC owner and not directly from DVC. Resales work by providing good alternatives to become DVC members without the need to leave the home. DVC membership is also associated with significant savings. If you decide to own a piece of Disney magic, the next thing to do is to deal with buying a resale.

How Do I purchase DVC Resale Points?

You can purchase DVC resale points and use these points when booking for accommodation. Operating in a point-based system is one of the great features of Disney vacation ownership. Purchase resale points and take advantage of the flexibility and savings that these points entail. If you purchase resale points, you can use these in different DVC resort properties.

Does Disney Sell Resale DVC?

The Disney Vacation Club Store provides large selections of DVC resales. However, if you are in the market to buy DVC, you need to be aware of the newest major resale restrictions. Resale contracts bought for the original Walt Disney World resorts can only use their points at these existing resorts.

Should I Buy A DVC From Disney Or Resale?

When deciding to buy from Disney or resale, you need to do the math and economics. There are many good reasons to buy DVC from Disney and these include economic benefits. Disney Vacation Club offers great value on their resorts portfolio. DVC buyers also have the option to buy from a resale. One of the biggest differences between buying from Disney versus resale is the cost of pricing. The price of resale is cheaper than direct prices. This means more savings on the part of the buyer.


Does DVC Negotiate?

Every purchase can be considered a negotiation. However, DVC doesn’t negotiate particularly with pricing. But they do provide incentives for those who purchase directly at resorts directly promoted by DVC.

How Long Are DVC Contracts?

DVC contracts have their expiry date. DVC contracts can last for 50 years but there are instances that they last longer than this. The end dates of DVC contracts vary depending on the home resort chosen. Although the majority of DVC resorts were provided an end date of 50 years from the construction date of the property, not all DVC resorts follow such rule. If you are planning to buy a DVC resale, you need to have a clear glimpse of how long DVC contracts last.

Can You Cancel Disney Vacation Club?

You can cancel Disney Vacation Club, but know that there are cancellation policies that apply. If you are canceling a DVC contract, you need to first keep in touch with the DVC to discuss the matter. If you are canceling a DVC reservation, some restrictions need to be taken into account. Before you decide to cancel Disney Vacation Club, realize that getting in is easier than letting go.

Can DVC Members Get Free Dining?

DVC does not provide free dining to DVC members and owners. In case there’s a free dining promo offered, you will need to book a room directly with Disney. Make sure to book at their present room rates. Members can purchase a dining plan. But if staying as guests, this plan is optional. One of the benefits of DVC membership includes discounts on dining. But aside from dining, DVC offers discounts on other items.


Can Non-DVC Members Stay At DVC Resorts?

The general public is allowed to book and stay at DVC resorts. They can stay in these resorts even if they are non-members. If you want more savings and the best possible buying experience with Disney Vacation Club go through the resale market. Being a DVC member entails more privileges and vacation opportunities. So, do not settle for less or just be contented being a non-DVC member. You can always upgrade your choices if you want more of what DVC can offer.



Buying a DVC resale guarantees enormous perks and benefits that you and your family can enjoy. But you can only make the most of your resale purchase if from the beginning; you know what you are getting. Knowing important DVC resale facts early on is a great help in making sound decisions. By knowing these facts, you can get yourself more familiar with the process of buying and even selling DVC resales. Your knowledge about these important facts also brings you closer to a smart choice that can benefit you in many ways.

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