How To Hire The Best DVC Resale Broker

By buying DVC resale, you can save thousands of dollars for becoming Disney Vacation Club member. But you need the best resale broker to make that happen.

Just like in any other industries, there are also unreputable brokers in the DVC resale market. That makes it essential that you have keen eyes to distinguish reliable brokers from those who might scam you. On that note, this article is here to tell you about DVC resale and how to hire the best broker.


When choosing a reputable DVC resale broker, you need first to make sure that they are licensed. License is the very first indication that you are meeting with actual real estate agents. Another significant factor is their experience in the industry, which means you can look forward to reliable assistance in looking for DVC resales.

After these two, you need to find out more about the broker’s reputation from their search and social media presence. When you can be 100% sure they are trustworthy, you can now investigate their process, commissions, and listing agreement. These things will help you get to know them more and decide whether to hire them or not.


Should I Buy A DVC Resale Direct?

If you are looking to save thousands from the purchase of a DVC property, then you should buy a DVC resale. With a timeshare resale, you can stay at one of DVC resorts and enjoy a good time vacationing at a less high price. Compared to buying directly from Disney, a resale is often discounted as much as 50%. That’s a lot of money you can get against the slightly limited benefits. Unless you want the full privilege of a DVC member, then buying a DVC resale is your best option. 

Can You Buy A DVC Resale From Disney?

Unfortunately, no. Disney does not sell any discounted DVC membership. Only regular, full-priced DVC are available at Disney. By buying direct, you can take advantage of the full benefits of DVC membership. But if you want a discounted membership, you can do best with the available listings at the resale market.

How Do I Buy DVC Resale Points?

Purchasing a DVC point through resale is generally a straightforward process. However, what you are buying is not precisely points, but a contract of a real estate interest in the DVC resort you want.  The DVC points are only one of the features of the deed, which include home resort, use year, point size, and point availability. All these determine the deed’s price. Wanting to buy a specific deed means you need to know its point size. Once you have decided which contract you wish to purchase, the likely next step is to set up financing if necessary. With help from the broker, you can then make an offer to the seller and wait as it is processing. Once it is close, you are finally a DVC member. It means that on your Use Year, you will receive the points indicated in the deed.

How Does DVC Resale Work?

DVC resale is simple. Instead of buying directly from Disney, you purchase the deed from the owner itself. This way of obtaining Disney Vacation Club membership bypasses Disney, so you do not have to pay for the contract at full price. With DVC resale, the pricing is considerably better. They sometimes go for as much as 50% discount of the original price, allowing you to save for a better Disney experience.

Can DVC Resale Use RCI?

It is a common myth that buying Disney Vacation Club resale means you cannot use RCI. It’s not true, though. You can still use RCI with a DVC resale. Although you purchased your membership from the resale market, you can use it all RCI exchanges and travel to any of the over 4000 villas worldwide through it.

What Is The Best Use Year For DVC?

Use Year refers to the time of the year when Disney awards you new DVC points. Since it affects your bank points and when you can borrow them, you need to choose the best Use Year. That, however, depends on every member and the usual time they take vacations. Think about the time of the month that can give you as much time to bank points or use them before expiration – that’s your best Use Year.

How Long Do You Own DVC Points?

You can own or bank your DVC points every year. However, you cannot bank the same points more than once. Here is an example – you have a December Use Year and bank your DVC points from December 2020 to December 2021. You can only use these points until the last day of November 2022.

How Many DVC Points Should I Buy?

The points you need to buy depends mainly on your vacation habits, such as the resort where you purchase a deeded real estate interest. DVC offers several options for this, and you can use your points at any DVC resort such as Old Key West, Hilton Head Island, Saratoga Springs, and others. Each DVC property at these resorts is different, which determine the points you need to buy.


What Happens When DVC Deed Expires?

Expiration dates of DVC contracts depend on your home DVC resort. Most of them expire in 50 years from the construction date of the property, but not all. When your contract finally expires, you will usually be able to extend it. But if you were not offered an extension, the right to use that property will be back to Disney Vacation Development, Inc. It means you can no longer book reservations there using your DVC points.

What Are The Minimum DVC Points You Can Buy?

If you are purchasing DVC points directly from Disney, the minimum you can buy is 100 points. You need this much to receive the “Membership Extras” offered alongside your DVC membership. On the other hand, you can buy as few as 25 points if it is from Disney Vacation Club resales.



Whether it is to buy or sell DVC resale, you need the assistance of a reputable real estate broker. It is true, especially if you are new in DVC timeshare. This program can get confusing, but you can understand it better with help. On that note, read up more about DVC and look for the best resale broker you can find.

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