DVC Resale Search To Find The Right Timeshare

It shouldn’t be stressful to find DVC resales. You just need the right information to buy a DVC resale, save money, and create memorable Disney experiences.

At first glance, it seems like buying DVC is a lot of hassle compared to buying directly from Disney. But the truth is it can be much easier if you know where to look and what to do. When you buy from the resale market, you get to take advantage of plenty more benefits, although not the same when you do with Disney.


Finding the right DVC timeshare resale starts with determining what kind of contract is ideal for you and your family. Since there are various memberships available, it’s essential to know the different features of a DVC deed. When you know what you want, search the resale market for the contract that suits your needs.

What’s scary and stressful perhaps is the part where you make an offer and negotiate for the contract you wish to buy. In that case, it will certainly help to reach out to a reliable real estate broker. Not only can they help with the process, but they may also introduce you to good places with a wide array of DVC resale listings.


How Do I Purchase DVC Resale Points?

Purchasing DVC resale points is a simple process. As mentioned, you need to find out first the kind of contract you want. Please read up on different DVC deeds and their features. Remember that you can purchase a DVC real estate interest at various DVC resorts. You need different points for the beach club villas and rooms in these resorts. Once you determined the contract you want, the process generally follows like this – you make an offer, get financing if needed, negotiate and wait for it to close. It goes without a hitch if Disney does not exercise the Right of First Refusal. Once the contract is close and you are now a DVC member, Disney will award your points on your UY.

Can You Buy Resale DVC From Disney?

You can’t buy resale DVC from Disney as it only offers full-priced contracts. DVC resale means a deed at a discounted price sold by the previous owner. Since it is not bought directly from Disney, you can buy it at a much lower price. That is the most significant advantage of purchasing a contract from the Disney Vacation Club resale market.

How Much Is A Disney Timeshare Worth?

How much a Disney timeshare worth depends on your needs as they will determine the contract you wish to buy. For the most part, the price range of a DVC timeshare is somewhere from $17,600 to over $39,600. At the minimum points of 100 to 124, the price range is $17,600. It will get you 1-6 nights of stay at one of the DVC resorts. For the points of 225-250, the price starts at $39,600. That will earn you 2-10 nights.

How Does DVC Resale Work?

The simplest explanation of how buying a DVC resale work is it means purchasing from the contract owner, not Disney directly. Walt Disney’s DVC timeshare program is quite an excellent way to make booking easier for lovers of Disney. But it is an undeniable fact that it is expensive. Resales, however, give you a more affordable alternative that offers you significant savings. You simply need to look for the ideal listings, make an offer and negotiate for the right contract. At almost 50% discount, you can become a member of club DVC.


Is It Worth Buying A DVC Resale?

It certainly is worth it to buy DVC resale, especially if you have a limited budget. Not only is the price of a resale heavily discounted, but you can also get a loan for it. If necessary, you can look for financing to help you obtain the contract you want. Indeed, you will not be able to take advantage of DVC “Membership Extras” with a resale contract. However, there are still plenty of benefits you can take advantage of purchasing DVC through resale.

Should I Buy A DVC Resale Direct?

If you want to have access to the full benefits of being a DVC member, then buying directly from Disney is a good idea. Resale, however, is different from direct. When you say resale, the contract is at a discounted price. Whether to buy direct or resale depends on you and the perks you want.

How Long Does A DVC Membership Last?

All memberships to DVC come with an end date, as this membership or ownership is known as a contract. Most of the contracts expire in 50 years after the construction date, which will be on January 31, 2042. But this applies only to the older resorts. Some of the newer ones end at a later date.

What Is The Best Use Year For DVC?

The best Use Year depends on your vacationing habits, although June to December is considered the best. It has to be the month that gives you enough time to bank and use your Disney Vacation Club points before they expire. With that, carefully think about when you want to go on a Disney trip when looking for the best Use Year.


Can Non-DVC Members Stay At DVC Resorts?

Disney’s timeshare program is impressive in a lot of ways, but it is not for everyone. If you are one of those who do not want to be a DVC member, that’s okay. You can still stay at DVC resorts as guest, enjoying Disney’s beach, theme parks, and facilities. It is only that by being a DVC member, you have exclusive benefits you don’t want to miss.

Why Buy DVC When You Can Rent?

Buying DVC is the best option if you often visit Disney for an extended time. It is more economical this way than renting. When you buy a DVC, your money is tied up, but it also makes it easier to book a reservation at your preferred resort. It will give you peace of mind and create a more memorable vacation.



Finding the right timeshare is not a big problem. Numerous sites are showing a good number of resale listings that could fit your needs. Of course, you need to make sure it is legit and trustworthy. In that case, take the time to do careful research and reach out to a reputable real estate broker.


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